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Defending Clients Against Environmental Law And Toxic Tort Claims

Environmental law is an exceedingly complex area of legal practice. To properly defend an environmental or toxic tort case, attorneys must have knowledge of the ever-changing state and federal legislations surrounding the procurement of natural resources, as well as an understanding of the science that underlies the process and potential for environmental effects.

Through lead attorney Susan L. Maines, we have successfully represented numerous domestic and international corporations in multimillion-dollar lawsuits involving environmental disasters allegedly caused by coal mining operations, as well as oil and gas well operations. Our firm has experience not only in litigating the alleged and potential environmental impacts of procuring natural resources, but also in litigating claims of: adverse health consequences from exposure to chemicals, dust, mold, and other toxins, both natural and otherwise; injuries and deaths on and off job sites; and property damage from blasting, water runoff, mud slides and heavy equipment.