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Bad Faith Claims Call For An Assertive Response

Insurance allows policyholders to access vital resources when they need them most. However, the high stakes involved with a claim can lead to a variety of disagreements and a dissatisfied claimant may contend that an insurer acted in bad faith.

Insurance companies can trust the knowledge and skill of our lawyers at Casey Bailey & Maines, PLLC. A bad faith claim can tarnish the reputation of your business and risk financial penalties. Our Kentucky law firm is dedicated to protecting insurers throughout the nation.

Not All Disputes Constitute Bad Faith

Insurers are often more likely to face a bad faith allegation when:

  • The insurer denies a claim
  • The insurer postpones payments
  • The claimant believes a settlement offer is too low
  • The claimant believes they were misled about their claim or policy
  • The claim investigation takes a long time or the insurer’s response is delayed

Bad faith claims typically involve a degree of fraud, misrepresentation, unfair practices or negligence. However, depending on the specific factors of the case, an insurer’s actions may be perfectly reasonable.

Claims are complex, and it is important for insurers to partner with a law firm that dedicates the time and resources to fully understand their perspective. Our team has earned numerous accolades for our efficient, responsive approach. We can represent your business when a dispute causes a disruption.

Get Principled Defense Against Bad Faith Claims

There are many potential defenses to a bad faith allegation, including:

  • Lack of coverage
  • Lack of contractual relationship
  • Issue preclusion
  • Res judicata
  • Failure to exhaust alternative remedies

Our insurance defense attorneys create sophisticated strategies to shield clients against bad faith claims. We carefully review records, call recordings, coverage and other forms of supporting evidence to build a compelling defense on your behalf.

Gain Support From A Reliable Team

Depend on a team of litigators that offers firm advocacy and recognized experience when bad faith claims arise. Call Casey Bailey & Maines, PLLC, at 859-243-0228 or send an email to our lawyers to schedule a consultation.