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Prioritizing Your Interests In Appellate Cases

Appealing an adverse administrative or judicial decision is a vital component of the justice system — and it can give your case a second chance. Your appeal deserves the same level of energy and attention as your original case, if not an even greater degree of resourcefulness and resolve to explore new legal arguments and options.

At Casey Bailey & Maines, PLLC, we take a firm stance for our clients and fiercely advocate for their position at every phase of the legal process. Thorough preparation and strategizing can make a big difference in the outcome of an appeal, which is why we dedicate ample time to each case we appeal on behalf of our clients.

Experienced, Respected Appeals Support

Our civil litigation attorneys frequently represent clients in appeals involving a number of different legal disciplines, including:

We carefully analyze the tactics employed in your original case to identify new opportunities for your appeal. If you may benefit from a new direction or argument on appeal, we are ready to quickly adapt our methods accordingly. Our collaborative team approach allows us to draw upon multiple perspectives to develop a well-rounded strategy.

Our attorneys have experience appealing cases to administrative boards, Kentucky appellate courts and the Supreme Court. We have the resources to effectively pursue appeals that have local and national importance. Ultimately, we are committed to your success.

Call Us For A Case Evaluation

Due to the investment and time required, pursuing an appeal should be a strategic decision. Likewise, defending against an appeal calls for efficiency and decisive action.

For an honest assessment of your case, contact our appellate lawyers today. Call 859-243-0228 or email our office in Kentucky to speak with our team about your appeal.